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BusinessReady to get into the property market?

We are here to help. Whether it's your dream home or your first investment property, our mortgage brokers will help guide to every step of the way and help action a plan to get your foot in the door

Reason picking a broker.

1. Make your life (and loan hunting) easy

We’re here to answer all your questions and explain how the whole home buying, loan-getting process works – in simple language, not baffling finance jargon

2. Share sound advice and first hand experience

We”ll give you the best guidance to make the wise decisions – not just as expert brokers, but young home buyers who have been in your shoes and made good property moves.

3. Avoid making mistakes and pitfalls of applying a loan

A lot of people don’t realise that applying for a loan is not simple. The reason is that it’s the lender that make’s the decision on whether you should get the loan and they consider so many difficult factors like age/LVR, financial situation/profile of the clients, security address, credit score, etc. There are so many variables that they considered, and it’s important to get a broker to present the client’s in the best light and not fall into the pitfalls of decline. which ruins your credit score.

4. Apply for first home buyer incentives

There are numerous first home buyer incentives available in the market, such as the First Home Low Deposit Scheme that allow you to purchase a property from 5% deposit. If so, we’ll let you know and get it all sorted out for you.

5.  Personalised Support at every stage.

We don’t organise great loans, We’re by your side when you’re need us all the way from your first question to settlement and helping you purchase another property

Our roadmap for your business success


1. Preliminary Consultation

Initial consultation (via Face to Face, Zoom, Skype, Phone) to understand your specific requirements.


2. Obtaining Information and Documents

Getting information to understand your financial position and obtaining documents to confirm income, liabilities, assets and other financial information.


3. Financial Review

Detailed review of your financial situation to understand your objective/needs.


4. Credit Proposal

Suggest suitable loan product options for you to consider, including an assessment of the most suitable deals available and prepare a detailed credit proposal based on your preferences and requirement.


5. Implementation

Reach an agreement on the loan strategy and complete the necessary paperwork for the application. Liaisoning with the different parties and lodging the loan application and monitoring till we get the approval..

Throughout the process, our team will proactively keep you abreast with all the developments, Unlike banks that wont keep in the loop. Our team will make this process seamless and hassle-free for you.

We will take care of the entire process right through from pre-approval to settlement.


6. Monitoring your morgage

Our relationship with the client doesn't end when the loan gets settled. We actively monitor your loan and keep you informed of any latest rate changes that would be beneficial for you

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